Lego Kalashnikov

30th birthday’s present for a friend of mine: A near life-size AK 47 with working cocking handle and removable magazine.

Inspired by Manfred Erjautz “Ana conda” and because my pal has always been an avid Lego fan I wanted to present him with a toy AK47. The rifle has become an icon, a symbol for revolutionary movement – and for his 30th birthday, he should be reminded of the rebellious, restless times he went through in earlier years. I thought building the rifle from LEGO bricks would be the most appropriate way to present this, for a life and a person is the sum of all the little details and quirks.

It was designed with LEGO Digital Designer – a software provided by LEGO for free which lets you also place a mail order for the bricks and instructions needed to build the design. Roughly eight hours went into it – carpenting the wooden box excluded.

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