Fargo goes to Berlin

I also play with Fargo – a four piece cover band. In 2010 we went on a roadtrip. I brought the camera and edited the result into a short video diary in four parts.

Early February 2010, Fargo hit the road for a Jazz, Folk and Swing delivery to Berlin. This is the beginning of their journey up the snowy hills of northern Upperaustria, onto the winding country roads of the Czech Republic. After circling in spirals through Prague the rubber finally touches German quality asphalt. But don’t count your chickens before they hatch! There’s trouble on the breakdown lane…

When the German border patrol – lurking for intoxicated prey on the side lane – saw the bus cruise by it was inevitable that they would snatch them immediately. But since Fargo is made of righteous european citizens, there were no intoxication or otherwise illegal properties found. They would even defy the arctic temperatures in a desperate attempt to pull a MacGyver on their bus’ dying machine and barely reach their destination: A few hours of sleep and a Monday’s gig in Berlin.

A night and half a ton Kebab meat later, Fargo beef themselves up with their first real meal. Chef de cuisine Robinson conjures the perfect mushroom sauce while the others ponder about what to do that night.

Contrary to it’s name, Kreuzberg’s LUX was dark as outer space – and probably as empty too. With only a minimum of hard cash in their hands the budget would barely fill the gas tank for their journey home. But fear not! Fargo is safe back in Linz digesting several tons of kebap meat for the rest of February.

Thanks friends. So long, take care!

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