Willkuer Network

Logo design and setting up the domain and blog website.

Willkuer was founded half in jest upon a friday night’s drink with my flatmate and colleague and a rant about a frustrating week of work. The idea was to have an empty brand free of convention to be filled with content and meaning. It was meant to be a private playground to learn, exchange, create and discuss personal projects to balance out the reign of everydays business. Eventually, we both decided to advance our careers by studies within our fields. With my flatmate leaving for Vienna working under his pseudonym Thomas Albdorf the name Willkuer stuck with me. I carried it on, and now, it is the name of the network website and my pseudonym for cooperative projects. On Willkuer.at I not only host my own portfolio but also those of three friends and colleagues of mine: Helmut Geissler, Mick Morley and Johannes Staudenbauer.

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