20:36 – From the archives

For INSTANT36 short film competition (2005 or 2006, I'm not sure).
Found it in my archive – unfortunately, only this small web video remained.

The competition tag line was something along "Someone just pressed 'pause'".
Initially, a friend asked us to team up and join the competition. But we couldn't come up with a single idea catching on to that phrase. Eventually, we found that "to hell with it, we're giving them a stupid joke and do it literally" was the only viable option to express the absurdity of said tag line. Also, we wanted some candy.
The deadline to turn in entries was 10 o'clock in the evening. We handed over our tape 10 minutes before time.
The idea was born with self-assuring grinning at precisely 20:36 (or 8:36pm), hence the title.

They screened it 🙂


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